Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gentle Sweet Website Layout and everything related

This entry is all about the Gentle Sweet website I have made:

Ok. The above is the banner which my friend help me make it (Thuy`). I told her my idea and she made it, and I edited the final version for the website.

The whole website is kind of monochromatic look, I want to use the hue of the chocolate color. Because I think chocolate is relate to sweetness, to love and this is a dating website as well.

Everything in this is done in illustrator.

Below is the Title look for each page. It include a logo and the name of the page. The reason I made this logo look like this is that I want the word "Gentle" sits gently on the "Sweet", to confirm that they are one. Font choice is of course Bickham Script Pro.

And this the background for the homepage which is a free image from DeviantArt (Three hearts - "two heart" by: Falconia). Then I alter the color cast to this color (originally it has a red cast, I think red of course represent love in some way but for me this color give more warm feeling). And my friend help me arrange the text on the background

And finally this is how the website will look like. I like the simple theme. It's easy to navigate, the whole website has the same tone and style. I want it to have unity.
Through this I learn a lot of things. Designing and Coding are 2 completely different parts. It's sure drive me crazy to make it the way I want it to be. Take me 2 consecutive days non-stop working. And I am satisfy with the result. Here it is:

Ok, here is the link again: Gentle Sweet

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