Sunday, November 18, 2007

Available thing in an Unavailable place

This entry is made out of madness (anyway most of my work are made out of that anyway). :D (why why?)
The idea for this is hard to describe. I don't know how to describe that maybe that what the title said.

The story behind this is: the school is full of students, there is no place for me and my friend sit down and try to review our lesson for the webtest. And we can't really discuss in the library(cannot make any noise there). And also so we need 2 sockets for our laptops (there is no available school computer that time - usually rarely available anyway). We found a corridor and 2 sockets so we decided to stay there.

After a while, there's someone coming and yelling at us that we are not allow there, but where should we go now? @-@, we need the sockets. But still have to go.

So you see that why: Available thing (sockets) in an Unavailable place (the corridor).

The picture on the right is the background of this enty (made in Photoshop). I like that kind of texture, so I just make it. (By the way, originally I want the RMIT stuff - the previous entry to be the background, but feel it so crowded so I made this one)

And I play with the word and letter in Illustrator (Now you can understand why there is a socket here - photograph by me and than tracing it using Illustrator)

I tend to break things up and then connect them together again but in a different position, size as well as color.

The P is part of the word "Place", but head of the "P" is part of "Unavailable".

Love to play with words. :D

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