Sunday, November 25, 2007

Font Play

Font play is kind of fun. As Maddy want us to put our font play on blog. So here it is:

I don't want just type in the word so I play around with it and make it. The word "Gentle Sweet" come from my friend after I made the layout of the website and she had a comment that: "This website give me a feeling of a gentle sweet". And I just thought that it's a brilliant name for the website.

Actually I choose Bickham Script Pro to be the font for the Title for this website and my layout based on. But then I want to experience other fonts as well so I made this little thing.

On the right top corner is A Charming Font Superexpanded (a free font I download in It make the "gentle sweet" feels sweet but only slight sweet. The little bit of sharp edges give the feeling of this "sweetness" might be a little bit sour.

Near it on the left is Bleeding Cowboys (also a free font in <-- this is a good source of free font). It doesn't seem sweet at all. It even bringing a feeling of bitter, hurtful, nothing sweet. It is the exact opposite of sweetness. Next to it on the right is Bickham Script Pro. This give the true feeling of sweetness. the curve is so smooth, with script style it give off the feeling of gentle, lightness.

Below on the left is A Lolita Scorned. It's kind of the thorn of the Rose. Yes, rose is sure sweet but be careful with the thorn. Sweet but dangerous that what this show.

Below on the right is Adorable. One of my favourite font. I simply use it because I like it. With this word, it give the feeling of elegant sweetness. Sweetness that a little bit over your reach, it feel so close as well as so far.

The last on is akaPotsley. It has sharp edges, as well as curves like the spiral. Actually, it quite strong, even I didn't bold it. It's kind of statement about sweetness, but maybe a little bit of gentle in it.

That's all with this playing.
Actually I choose the background because it kind of represent chocolate color, the sweetness that kind of irresistible.

And here is the link to in case anybody wants it: DAFONT

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