Sunday, November 11, 2007


Starvation is something we in a country like VN may not be able to imagine how hard it would be. Death maybe the only way out for you. This entry dedicates for that meaning.

When Maddy asked us to layout a picture and a sentence to represent STEALING, I suddenly thought of African Children who have to face Starvation as well as Death everyday.

Stealing is simply to imply that someone, something has taken away from you something. That something may not only be money but also love, hope.

When you live in a place like Africa, you just eat to survive. But the starvation is like a nightmare that has haunted these people, these children for years

Death may not be the answer to everything but it would be a nice way out for someone. Especially for the one who wants to escape from the long last nightmare.

Death maybe bad but "Thanks to" that the child no longer suffers the hunger anymore.

Technique: Pretty simple, everything is done in Illustrator, the tricky part is to find out the sentences (thanks to Miss Thuy` and myself for that) and layout the words to serve the content.

I chose 2 fonts in this work.
- 1 font is standing out to emphasize the words "Death" and "Starvation". To show the weights of 2 things are equal. I choose the nice, fancy looking font because I want this to look like a postcard, to fantasize "Death" and "Starvation".
- The rest for the words a in the same font, pretty simple font.
- "my" is much smaller than "Starvation" to imply that how small the little child is compare to the enormous affect of "Starvation"
- Size of fonts are different base how important the meaning they are carrying.

And this is a little postcard for you guys made in flash.
Here is the link (for better view version of this): Starvation


Dark Blue said...

YaY! i'm impressed.
The idea of stealing starvation is really good and you chose a suitable image. The image of a child who is prostrating God to thanks to him that bring the pain away (that's what I feel ^^)
The words "DEATH and 'STARVATION" stand out and really nice.But why dont u choose a thick font or font that bring more sadness?
Good kerning and spacing ---> whitespace brings more emotion.

Simulacra of Mi said...

Oh. I choose a fancy font to make the DEATH and STARVATION not represent what it mean. I want this in a postcard form so it have to be fancy. :)). lol