Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting something else while doing something else (UNTITLE)

I am kind of out of my mind when did this. Originally this supposed to be the background of the other entry but then it doesn't fit so I just made it a separate entry with style. :D

The picture on the left is the original work (made in Illustrator). Want to make the word "RMIT" in a different style but still keep the main theme Black and Red.

I like the idea that we can mix words in different way and then create pattern or image of something. :P

Hope you all can read these letter in this entry. :D. I think the "M" with staircase style is really good at connecting one thing the another.

I want every element be part of another element so this is how it works: "P" is part of "M", "M" is part of "I" and "I" is part of "T".

This is an unbalance image. At first the white was intended to use for another thing (socket) but then I think it's quite ok with the way it is.

But I feel it quite plain just like that. So I take the picture to "magic" Photoshop. :D

Here I have (3 next images):
I made a layer with cloud. And then blending, mixing, playing, crazying with it so here you go.

I personally like the last one. It feel more comfortable for the eyes, the other the 2 is quite disturbed, uneasy feeling.

The 2nd is quite cool. It feels like old building that has been burned.


s3153703 said...

Yes i agree the last one looks more comfortable to my eyes but hm i still like the original plain one more, maybe it's subjective. I like the M tho, looks like a over scaled up GIF [it's called aliasing rite?]

Simulacra of Mi said...

:D. Pinky will miss you for that. Haha. Yeap, it sure is.

I don't really like plain that much but still I made things not for me not only so, you all welcome to like whatever.