Sunday, November 4, 2007

Evanescence - Good Enough

- Ok. This entry is inspired by The Video Clip: "Good Enough" by Evanescence. And here what I made using Illustrator and Photoshop.

- First I want to tell you guys why I made this based on what I understand about the lyrics as well as the video Clip:

+ IDEA: Pretty simple for this one. I want to express my own way how Evanescence express her feeling in this song.
I think that this singer like gothic style ---> that how I choose the font for her name, and then I alter a font a bit. And Dark Blue (nearly go to black) is the main color in the movie clip. As well as Dark Blue asociate with "out of blue", -> despressed, sadness.
The title "Good Enough" --> Red, because there a line in the lyrics: "crave my heart and its bleeding in your hand", hurtful feeling, make our heart aching.
The rose petals form the shape of a heart. Rose petals - softness,fragile - are flying, slowly breaking apart

+TECHNIQUE: Overall dark looking.
Illustrator for the typography
Photoshop for finishing everything up (add brushes....)

Through this I learnt a very IMPORTANT lesson that you HAVE TO know what kind of format you are saving with. Because I made the typography in Illustrator first so when I save the file as JPEG I forgot to choose RGB. Then I take it to Photoshop, it automatically use the CMYK model. After finishing, I upload len Blogger, and............. @_@ the color went totally crazy. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Second I want to talk about the video because it's so inspiring. >_<

This is the cover for Evanescence Single - Good Enough:

And this is the Video Clip:

Directed by: Marc Webb and Rich-Lee.

This video clip is so marverlous. The whole theme is unique and unity, the gothic look. And the special effect is WAO. You cannot even recoginze the changing in the effect. It look so real, even you know it's impossible for the tree to grow that fast, but you cannot not say it's fake. The transition is very smooth, it flow with the lyrics.

At first I didn't even listen to this song but after seeing the video, I am so impressed by it, then I start to get interested in the song as well.

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