Sunday, October 28, 2007

2nd entry (Week 1) - Moon Logo

I want to make both the Sun and the Moon Logo but only have time to sketch the Moon logo. My sketching is not that good so bear it with me. ^_^. I think in this case the idea that counts. And here are my 5 sketches of Moon Logo that my head can think of and get there: :D

I took me sometime to able to draw like these. @_@. Many papers were thrown away. :)) :D

1. Feather:
- I choose feather as the logo because I think:
Feather ---> Beauty, Softness ---> Women ---> Night, Moon.
- Because in many cultrure, the ruler of the moon is usually Goddess who is extremely beautiful.
- The feather will glow like a softness light arought the moon. And it will have the overall shape like a half moon. ^_^
- I also think that photography is the art that capture the beauty of nature.

2. Cresent Moon (Don't really know how to name it though) >_<
- ok this is what I take from the shape of the symbol of Khnos (Moon God in Egyptian Myth)
- I found it funny that in a culture Myth that the the Moon God is a man. So I am quite fond of this.
- I love the top of the symbol because it represent the Moon. The part (like a bird spreading its wings), this is what make it different from the original symbol.
- And also the decoration on the moon part like the surrounding of a mirror.
- Photograph is what we see, the mirror image of our real life.

3. The arrow and bow:
- This idea comes from Artemis (Moon Goddess in Greek Myth). I love Greek Myth since childhood. I always admire them.
- Artemis also the Goddess that look over for the Hunter. So arrow and bow are always parts of her.
- I think with the Bless from the Goddess the Moon will be even beautiful and brighter for anyone who want to take picture at night
- And also the bow has the shape of the half moon. The arrow in the position to be shoot, it'll give the active feeling.
- (BTW, out of my crazying I made the tail of the arrow a little bit round, because it will make the whole thing looks like a face of a puppy if you look sideway. :D --> but this will not be in the final one, if this one is the one I choose to make)

4. Half moon:
- I think this quite a common one to create a symbol of a moon.
- But I retouch it and put some detail in it. If you look at it carefully, you will see the moon is part of the aperture (a part in the camera --> get this suggestion from my friend) that open quite large (because at night aperture needs to be large in order to get more light in)

5. Full moon and a Snake:
- This one is completely crazy. ^_^ :D :P. Don't even know why I come to this idea. @_@
- Why a snake in a moon? Because I think snake is a night hunter.
- It represents for wisdom, luck. And Make it have the shape of the star. So in the night sky we have a moon and a star shining over.

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