Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MTV station id

Project: MTV station id
Team: .CHM


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jungle theme webpage layout

This is my latest piece. Thanks to many people that help me complete it. :D especially Ms Vuong Ngoc Thuy, you are my great help. Love u xxx. I cant live on without you :)) (Just kidding)

Of course this is about a jungle theme and stuff as you can see. :D

Ok I quote what is the synopsis of this (which I wrote @_@)

As the process of industrialization, we have been destroying the nature rapidly. As a little contribution toward the beauty of the wild, I want to bring a little bit of jungle breeze to this layout. Jungle is a wonderful rhythm of life and color, full of mystery and adventure, which many of us have forgotten.

Every element in this layout helps evoke the natural beauty of a jungle corner. Jungle brings an earthy feeling to us, the brown color of soil and tree junk, the deeply green color of fern which can be found a lot in every part of nature. In addition to other element, flower is also a nice touch of nature with its own unique colors and charm that can convey peacefulness to the webpage. Great beauty comes with great danger. Somewhere in the jungle, there will be poisonous snakes; you may also have the chance to encounter the king of the jungle – lion. Many spectacular adventures have been occurring in the jungle for a long time, so maybe we could see a treasure map drawn on a parchment from our ancestors.

(It may sound a little stupid though, but anyway enjoy it)

Here is the link: Hao ZenGarden CSS

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am always fantasised by the idea of time. It's so powerful, it's overwhelming so today time it is. A grand after another falling down just like the time passing by second by second. So I found a good photo (Royalty free) on Stock Exchange that convey my idea.

Then I put it in Illustrator to put in some text. There are also many quotations on this subject as well. So I choose the one by Hector Louis Berlioz. And play around with the word and put another layer on top of the photo to produce deeper colours.

"Like Sands Through the Hourglass..."  by Photo by McKenna ( found in StockExchange


Tree has life. It needs caring to grow, to survive, to stay strong....................... So does human.

Everything has the beginning, when things is new and young, they are fragile, they need an caring environment to grow and develop. We have to take care of them, because they are our future.

Work done in Illustrator. Font colour is that of the leaf. Bold, bigger first letter to catch the attention. I want a lot of white space too.
".| Born |." by Rodolfo Clix on Stock Exchange

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I was wandering around everybody's blogs and inspired by the photograph that Thuy posted this week. A lot of ideas came up in my head. I felt the warmth hope and respectful care in the photograph. So I decided to do something with it.

I simply just put some text there. Really that's what I read from the image "Hope nurtured by love. Love warmed by hope". I hope the text does support the image. I used outer glow effect to give the text a kinda orange glow as a candle light to maintain unity and also the analogous color harmony.

Avatar for Dating Website

This week I have to submit the final assignment which is a Dating Website for Web Programming. I need to make 2 default avatars for newly signed-up members. So I made those two.

Both the idea and aesthetic are simple. I chose the heart for the face as this is a dating website. I use this face for both male and female avatar to maintain the unity of the whole site and add a few more details to distinguish the female and the male ones (eyes, tie, ribbon). Lastly, I dropped shadow for the two avatar to make it stand out and look more lively.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This is the play time in Illustrator. :P
This time is with the word BLOOD and the Filter and the Effect in Illustrator.
I have 2 versions of it: with white background and the other is with black background.

I always like to play with the letter form and words as well as their meaning. So here they are:

Blood with White Background

Blood with Black Background

With 2 different background, they create different feeling as well as the affect on the color of the word "BLOOD". Even they have the same saturation of red but with white background the red seems a little bit lighter and with the black one, it seems darker.

These ones are kind of disturbing, twisting..............