Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jungle theme webpage layout

This is my latest piece. Thanks to many people that help me complete it. :D especially Ms Vuong Ngoc Thuy, you are my great help. Love u xxx. I cant live on without you :)) (Just kidding)

Of course this is about a jungle theme and stuff as you can see. :D

Ok I quote what is the synopsis of this (which I wrote @_@)

As the process of industrialization, we have been destroying the nature rapidly. As a little contribution toward the beauty of the wild, I want to bring a little bit of jungle breeze to this layout. Jungle is a wonderful rhythm of life and color, full of mystery and adventure, which many of us have forgotten.

Every element in this layout helps evoke the natural beauty of a jungle corner. Jungle brings an earthy feeling to us, the brown color of soil and tree junk, the deeply green color of fern which can be found a lot in every part of nature. In addition to other element, flower is also a nice touch of nature with its own unique colors and charm that can convey peacefulness to the webpage. Great beauty comes with great danger. Somewhere in the jungle, there will be poisonous snakes; you may also have the chance to encounter the king of the jungle – lion. Many spectacular adventures have been occurring in the jungle for a long time, so maybe we could see a treasure map drawn on a parchment from our ancestors.

(It may sound a little stupid though, but anyway enjoy it)

Here is the link: Hao ZenGarden CSS

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