Sunday, December 23, 2007


This is the play time in Illustrator. :P
This time is with the word BLOOD and the Filter and the Effect in Illustrator.
I have 2 versions of it: with white background and the other is with black background.

I always like to play with the letter form and words as well as their meaning. So here they are:

Blood with White Background

Blood with Black Background

With 2 different background, they create different feeling as well as the affect on the color of the word "BLOOD". Even they have the same saturation of red but with white background the red seems a little bit lighter and with the black one, it seems darker.

These ones are kind of disturbing, twisting..............

Text Flashing

Try new things again. This time is flash and word, letters.

As we have to make a flash with a word, so I choose the word tower, me and my friend kind of come up with the way of the word "Tower" looks.

It's kind of funny with how it ends. :D. Because the "w" is quite small, not long enough to close the tower so I kind of adding some stuff to it. Haha.

Guide line in flash is fun though, wanna try the masking stuff next time.

Choosing the right font is kind of important too, because it helps building up the image of the whole tower look.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Famous Logo with De Stijl style (inspired by El Lissitzky's design)

After searching and writing a report on El Lissitzky's style and design, I am kind of inspired by the De Stijl style.

De Stijl style:
"An art movement advocating pure abstraction and simplicity — form reduced to the rectangle and other geometric shapes, and color to the primary colors, along with black and white"
(from ArtLex)
I love this style, because it's simple but kind of cool playing with stuff that was plain and create something out of it.

I believe that I'm not that good at performing this style, just a beginner, but hope you guys enjoys it, welcome comment. BTW, hope you all can recognize these things without looking at the caption. HAHA
Apple Logo

First of all, APPLE LOGO, I just obsess with this brand, just seeing the new technologies from this company, pretty amazing. I want to present this logo with triangle and rectangle with the same thickness (weight) but quite different size. And then move it around to get the overall shape of apple logo

Second and last, Pepsi logo, :D I choose it because...................................................: I love to drink it. :D:D. Just kidding. I just wanted to challenge my patience and my level of preciseness. Putting those circle is not as simple as it looks, especially to make the whole thing seems to have the curve of the original logo

And my friend suggest that it look even closer to the original Pepsi logo when it small so I resize it as below

Style: hopefully it seems like De Stijl
Tool: Illustrator (Yay, positioning, how cool is that)

AIDS Campaign

(Click on the picture for Full view)

This is what I came up with after several hours of searching, imagining and whatever it is. >_<. That's right, it's an AIDS Campaign since Dec 1st is the World AIDS Day.

Recently I quite obsess with Negative space, haha, which I would rarely think of before. I use to put a lot of stuff in my design. But through what I've learned, negative space is very important and powerful if we know how to control and use it.

The idea is pretty simple. When there is nobody left, the world will be a deserted place (represented with Black and empty), only "you" are there. San-serif seems to be appropriate this time.

"You" - lonely in the whole empty world, far edge corner.
And below is the message I want to say from my design, the reason why it is that deserted: because people didn't care what happened around them, they saw the Pain that AIDS bring to others (maybe even themselves), but they just stay put and do nothing.

Human are social kind, we need others to survive so if people don't want the world to become the place that only them left. They have to STEP UP and TAKE ACTION.

Those words are all capital kind of yelling at them, pushing them to do this. Red create tension and attract attention. Next to it is the AIDS ribbon for represent the World AIDS Day.

Tool: Illustrator (Typography with this is absolutely cool and easy to manage :D)
Source: (for the ribbon) Student Global AIDS Campaign

Sunday, December 2, 2007

without Hope no Love

This entry is made for my friend. Actually, I pretty much push this out of him (Haha). He gave something to me to look at and comment, but I kind of into it, so I asked if I could do it for him. (BTW, mostly force him to say yes).

And here it is:

So ok. That's it: without Hope no Love. I'm not really sure what and how actually my client will depict this piece.
Actually what I think he wanted is that something to describe the loneliness together with Hope and Love.
At first he showed me his work on this. And then I captured what I really understood in this. And then asked my friend again if it what he wanted.
Then I showed him the progress of my work.
It took me 1hour finishing this piece. Make a lot of version. Now I understand that it's so hard to please a client. :D (I have 4 versions of this)

He actually really like it. :))
I think lonely is something deep, dark and black, empty. So I using photoshop to make the background (wall style looks :D). I want a hard surface, texture to emphasize the feeling. And then blending with a cloud layer.

The client likes it. So I finished the piece in Illustrator. Because playing with stuff like fonts, typography, Illustrator is the best (at least for me). I chose a San-Serif and a Script font, with a lot of contrast. (The script font is: A Lolita Scorn).

Then I alter the size of it to get the final product. Lonely is when Hope and Love falling down, without Hope there will be no Love.

The final product satisfied both me and my client.

That night my friend suggested to put some snow in to emphasize the emptiness, mixing with the coldness. I don't really like that idea, but I think my job is trying to satisfy a wide range of certain target people, so I try it out.

This is how it turned out.

Personally prefer the other one, but I also like this. :)). (hours of hard work)
I have to manually put each snow flower in. @_@. "Fun" job.

I feel that, Hope will falling like the sky with a lot snow, support the Love (snow flower making the base of the "Love").

---> sometime, when loneliness is all over, dark and empty, a little bit of white snow will bring some happiness to your hollow darkness.

Many people like this version but, others people like the first one. So I realize that make all of them happy is a very difficult job. :))

Heart and Heart. >_<

Funny enough, this week I finish my 2 entries quite early :D, around Thursday, but until now I have the time to post it. :P.

And this entry all about Heart and Heart. Yeah Go Figure!

By the way original Picture from DeviantArt, by Falconia (Three hearts - "Two hearts").
Ok the first heart is this: (Have a look, probably you should click on the image to get the bigger view to read the words)

This is kind of a flyer for my own website. :D. Because the background of the website is not that informatics. And I think that good design not only for looking good but also deliver a message.

I think what written on it is exactly what I meant, and what I wanted to tell everybody.

The reason why I choose this color and Chocolate as the main theme because: my friend said that the background of the webpage is like the wrapping of chocolate, and my heading is like piece of yummy dark chocolate. So I think why don't make it the main subject ---> Chocolate Flavour. (Dominance)

The other words is kind of supportive information, so I had it as an outline except for the first letter. The less important the words, the smaller the sizes.

It took me ages just to get thing right. So playing with typography is surely fun, but it a patient and perfect job. :D.

And I love my piece.

This is the second heart:

I thinks the way the rings join together is kind of "Unity Together". So I made this. :">
I don't know it really............... (Stupid me couldn't even depict myself -- haha).
This is more fun than meaning. I just wanna try something different.

The last heart is the blend stuff I play in photoshop.
It feel like milk chocolate though. :D