Sunday, December 9, 2007

Famous Logo with De Stijl style (inspired by El Lissitzky's design)

After searching and writing a report on El Lissitzky's style and design, I am kind of inspired by the De Stijl style.

De Stijl style:
"An art movement advocating pure abstraction and simplicity — form reduced to the rectangle and other geometric shapes, and color to the primary colors, along with black and white"
(from ArtLex)
I love this style, because it's simple but kind of cool playing with stuff that was plain and create something out of it.

I believe that I'm not that good at performing this style, just a beginner, but hope you guys enjoys it, welcome comment. BTW, hope you all can recognize these things without looking at the caption. HAHA
Apple Logo

First of all, APPLE LOGO, I just obsess with this brand, just seeing the new technologies from this company, pretty amazing. I want to present this logo with triangle and rectangle with the same thickness (weight) but quite different size. And then move it around to get the overall shape of apple logo

Second and last, Pepsi logo, :D I choose it because...................................................: I love to drink it. :D:D. Just kidding. I just wanted to challenge my patience and my level of preciseness. Putting those circle is not as simple as it looks, especially to make the whole thing seems to have the curve of the original logo

And my friend suggest that it look even closer to the original Pepsi logo when it small so I resize it as below

Style: hopefully it seems like De Stijl
Tool: Illustrator (Yay, positioning, how cool is that)

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