Sunday, December 9, 2007

AIDS Campaign

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This is what I came up with after several hours of searching, imagining and whatever it is. >_<. That's right, it's an AIDS Campaign since Dec 1st is the World AIDS Day.

Recently I quite obsess with Negative space, haha, which I would rarely think of before. I use to put a lot of stuff in my design. But through what I've learned, negative space is very important and powerful if we know how to control and use it.

The idea is pretty simple. When there is nobody left, the world will be a deserted place (represented with Black and empty), only "you" are there. San-serif seems to be appropriate this time.

"You" - lonely in the whole empty world, far edge corner.
And below is the message I want to say from my design, the reason why it is that deserted: because people didn't care what happened around them, they saw the Pain that AIDS bring to others (maybe even themselves), but they just stay put and do nothing.

Human are social kind, we need others to survive so if people don't want the world to become the place that only them left. They have to STEP UP and TAKE ACTION.

Those words are all capital kind of yelling at them, pushing them to do this. Red create tension and attract attention. Next to it is the AIDS ribbon for represent the World AIDS Day.

Tool: Illustrator (Typography with this is absolutely cool and easy to manage :D)
Source: (for the ribbon) Student Global AIDS Campaign

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