Sunday, December 2, 2007

Heart and Heart. >_<

Funny enough, this week I finish my 2 entries quite early :D, around Thursday, but until now I have the time to post it. :P.

And this entry all about Heart and Heart. Yeah Go Figure!

By the way original Picture from DeviantArt, by Falconia (Three hearts - "Two hearts").
Ok the first heart is this: (Have a look, probably you should click on the image to get the bigger view to read the words)

This is kind of a flyer for my own website. :D. Because the background of the website is not that informatics. And I think that good design not only for looking good but also deliver a message.

I think what written on it is exactly what I meant, and what I wanted to tell everybody.

The reason why I choose this color and Chocolate as the main theme because: my friend said that the background of the webpage is like the wrapping of chocolate, and my heading is like piece of yummy dark chocolate. So I think why don't make it the main subject ---> Chocolate Flavour. (Dominance)

The other words is kind of supportive information, so I had it as an outline except for the first letter. The less important the words, the smaller the sizes.

It took me ages just to get thing right. So playing with typography is surely fun, but it a patient and perfect job. :D.

And I love my piece.

This is the second heart:

I thinks the way the rings join together is kind of "Unity Together". So I made this. :">
I don't know it really............... (Stupid me couldn't even depict myself -- haha).
This is more fun than meaning. I just wanna try something different.

The last heart is the blend stuff I play in photoshop.
It feel like milk chocolate though. :D

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