Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st entry (Week 1) - Bubbles

To celebrate the first week at school as well as my 18th birthday (Yes, I am officially can go to bar now >_<), I made this entry. I think it woud be like a wallpaper for desktop or background of something. And here it is:

- I got this idea while I was playing with the feature in photoshop. I want some background for my director picture *_* (I will post this picture in this entry too :P), so I changing the color background but I think it's suck and I went online and see my friend's Yahoo!360 Blog background is quite cool and it's the picture of bubbles. I think that's great, why don't I make one too? :-?. That's how I come to this idea.

- Then I think bubbles are kind of related to my childhood. When I was young I love playing bubbles, I think many people are too. And it's near my 18th birthday so I made 18 of them with different colors to represent different things and problems....

- I used Illustrator to make these (because it's is to scale and play with the shapes).
- Everything is quite basic but it took ages to make it the way I wanted it to be especially the colors. @_@.
- Anyway I am satisfied with it.

I currently made it my desktop background.

And BTW, here is my director work that I made:

Because I want to make something nice to our photo for us as a director of our Final Flash last semester (^_^).

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